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& Detailing

& Detailing

Revitalize your ride with our self Service car wash & detailing! Get a showroom shine on your schedule!

Self Car Wash Burnaby BC

Are you tired of waiting in long lines at the traditional car wash? Say hello to the self-service car wash in Burnaby! This innovative approach puts the power back into your hands, allowing you to take control of the entire cleaning process. No more handing over your keys and anxiously waiting; It's all about getting down and dirty with your vehicle. Not only does this approach save time, but it also provides a sense of satisfaction as you see your car transform under your care and attention.

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The Ultimate Guide to Burnaby Self Service Car Wash!

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"As someone who takes pride in keeping their car clean, I found the self-service car wash in Burnaby is a fantastic option. The variety of washing options made it easy to customize the level of cleanliness I wanted to achieve for my vehicle. The area surrounding each bay was well-lit, which made it feel safe even when washing my car after dark."

Mark Brown

New Westminister

"I recently took my car to this car detailing. I was really impressed with the results. The staff was friendly and professional, and they even took the time to explain the different packages available. Overall, I was satisfied with the level of attention to detail and care."

Jeff Sung

Vancouver, BC

Why take our services?

Compare Full service car wash, self Serve car wash, coin wash and RV options to find the best fit for your vehicle. Explore our diverse range of services now! We are committed to providing you with the best facility and car detailing. Visit our Burnaby car wash for well-lit, clean, and heated bays. Your vehicle deserves the best treatment! We offer wide range of services to keep your vehicle clean. Bring your motorbikes, cars, and trucks to our welcoming space. We cater to all vehicles, providing top-notch service and amenities. Our Car Wash service Starts from just $5.00

Please visit Burnaby Car Wash Service for Light Truck Wash, RV Camper Wash, Van Wash, SUV Wash and Limousines. Our place is open 24/7. What sets the self-service car wash apart is the opportunity for customization. You can find the ideal washing option for your needs with our range of cycles, from heavy-duty cleaning to gentle rinsing and everything in between. Simplify your cleaning routine with our comprehensive selection of on-site equipment and products. Ditch the bucket-hauling and shop for a hassle-free experience. It's an affordable and convenient way to maintain that showroom shine without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

Car Wash Cost
Car wash cost

Buy coins for as little as $2.00 to $5.00! Take the first step towards a clean and organized collection. Shop now for a great selection.

Empty Bay Parking
Wash bay Parking

Look for an empty bay and park in the middle of the bay. You have space to walk around your car to use a brush and spray.

Self wash stages

There are 4 or 5 stages of a car wash: Pre-soak, Wash spin, Foam brush to scrum your car and Rinse to remove soap & wax.

Perfect Results

Maximize efficiency and minimize costs by following these essential steps. Don't waste a second - every moment counts!

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