Car Wash Vancouver BC

Our Wash Process is the safest, most effective way to clean and maintain your vehicle's finish and value. Our 25 years experience, our devoted research and development team and our sophisticated training practices ensure that our customers receive the best and safest car wash.

We offer a unique blend of value-oriented services:
* 11 Self Service Wash Bays
* 6 Self Service Vacuum with Fragrance
* RV Camper Wash
* Car Wash Starting $2.00
* Light Truck Wash

Self Service Car Wash Vancouver BC

Car Wash Vancouver BC is a self-serve, coin wash, RV Camper Wash, car wash dedicated to providing you with the best facility and service. Car Wash in Burnaby offer well lit clean heated bays and a wide array of services to keep your vehicle clean. We welcome all types of vehicles from motorbikes to trucks and cars . bay doors are 9ft tall. We also have a large selection of cleaning products and treats to keep your vehicle looking and smelling great. Our Car Wash Starts from $2.00.

Our facilities are designed with community and the right choice for the environment. When cars are washed in a parking lot or driveway all the polluted runoff (Soap, oil, lead, gasoline, etc.) runs directly into the storm drains, sidewalk gutters and other outdoor locations. These drains, feed straight into local rivers and streams and are harmful to our environment.

Self Service Car Wash Vancouver BC For Light Truck Wash, RV Camper Wash, Van Wash, SUV Wash and Car Wash Systems. Our finest attendant-free car wash is open 24/7.

Self Service Car Wash Vancouver BC
11 Self Service Car Wash Bays with soft-bristled foam and soap brushes and 6 Self Service Vacuum with Fragrance. Self Service RV Camper Wash, Self Service Light Truck Wash, Self Service Car Wash all in one place.
Basic Interior Cleaning

1. Vacuum
6 Self Service Vacuum to Clean floor areas (including under the seats), carpet or material and pockets on the doors, all seats and back window ledge.
2. Windows
You can wash and shine all windows and mirrors (open parking space).

4. Dusting
Clean all you vinyl, plastic and/or leather surfaces, instrument panels and cup holders in the vehicle using a damp cloth.